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GDC Dudu Basantgarh’s Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Cleanliness Drive Sets an Inspiring Example

16-09-2023 : GDC DUDU Basantgarh recently organized a dedicated cleanliness drive in honor of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. The event was a testament to the college’s commitment to the values and principles advocated by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

The students of the college took the initiative to lead this cleanliness drive, which extended across both the college campus and the picturesque view point of Shivgali. This initiative was not just about cleaning physical spaces but also upholding the ideals of simplicity and cleanliness that Mahatma Gandhi passionately promoted.

Principal of the college, Prof. Anirudh Sharma, played a pivotal role in encouraging and guiding the students throughout the event. He emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness not only within the college premises but also in the surrounding areas. Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy as a great preacher of simplicity and cleanliness served as a guiding light for the students during this endeavor.

The participation of the college students in the cleanliness drive was marked by their remarkable zeal and enthusiasm. Their commitment to the cause was evident as they wholeheartedly engaged in the task. In addition to cleaning the designated areas, the students also made a heartfelt pledge to uphold cleanliness standards within the institution in the future.

Several faculty members, including Prof. Rahul Sharma, Prof. Pradeep Kumar, Prof. Vijay Kumar, and AA teachers Mr. Tariq Ahmad Mir, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Khan, Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Lone, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat, and Dr. Nisar Ahmad Nengroo actively participated in the cleanliness drive. Their involvement not only showcased their support for the students’ initiative but also highlighted the collective commitment of the college community to the values championed by Mahatma Gandhi.

As the cleanliness drive concluded, Prof. Pradeep Kumar extended a warm and heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts and dedication of all those involved. This event not only celebrated Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy but also served as a reminder of the enduring relevance of his teachings in fostering a cleaner and more conscientious society.