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Gulzar’s short story ‘Hilsa’ staged by Natrang 

Jammu 30-09-2023: A heart rendering performance of ‘Hilsa’, based on the story by Gulzar was presented under the direction of Rahul Singh here today at Natrang. The production was appreciated for its creative design, artistic craft, imaginative lights, soulful music, and electrifying acting. The entire collective effort was visible in each moment of dramatic action being unfolded.

 The play ‘Hilsa’ opens at the home of a Bengali couple where ‘Kanchan’ is cleaning fish which they have to consume in lunch, ‘Bhibhuti’, her husband returns back from the market empty handed as he could not get the newspaper because of the riots. Somehow the paper also reaches their home, which was all filled with the news and pictures of gory incidents of riots. In a heart rendering story of a girl who was raped and killed at the tender stage when she was pregnant. The writer has very subtly and beautifully related the pain of the girl with that of that ‘Hilsa’ fish who was caught when it was pregnant.

Natrang actors who gave impressive performances in the play included Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Sumit Bandaral, Amit Brahmi, Sheryaar Salaria and Vandana Thakur. The lights of the play were operated by Aadesh Dhar whereas the music was scored by Chirag Anand. The presentations were done by Mahikshit Singh.