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JKPCC Chief slams BJP for undermining understanding and political sagacity of people of Jammu.

Govt failed miserably in assuaging their economic, developmental and political aspirations: Bhalla

13-01-2022 : Jammu: JKPCC Chief GA Mir on Thursday claimed that  BJP  government in the midst of a collapsing economy, “turning a disaster into an opportunity to fill its coffers.” He said despite lower international prices, the government has “broken all records of profiteering”, adding that every household was hurting due to the increased price of gas cylinders . He was speaking in a Lohri celebration function organized at PCC HQ Shahidi Chowk in presence of JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla, General Secretaries Yogesh Sawhney & Th. Manmohan Singh,  DCC President Jammu Rural Hari Singh Chib, Uday Bhanu Chib, Gurdarshan Singh, Vijay Sharma,  Karan Bhagat, Sahil Sharma,  Suresh Dogra, Satish Sharma, Pawan Raina, Sanjeev Panda, Rajvir Singh, Gajan Singh, Dr. Ramakant Khajuria, Sandeep Dogra, Vinay Sharma, Avind Sharma, Pradeep Bhalla, Raj Kumar Sodi,, Chander Sheikhar, Gurmeet Singh, Atul Sharma, Ricky Dalotra, Sahil Langeh and others,

 He said that Jammu and Kashmir has suffered the most during the BJP’s rule of seven years and the electorates would firmly teach the party a lesson by power of their votes for the betrayal. He castigated the BJP for “hoodwinking public opinion” by generating euphoria over imaginary development in J&K. He said that lust for power could lead the BJP to compromise with the Jammu pride and dignity. He accused the BJP of undermining the understanding and political sagacity of the people of Jammu. He dared the BJP to spell out just 10 initiatives for Jammu’s growth during the party’s tenure in the government, saying the people of Jammu had a right to know this, as they gave it a huge mandate in 2014.He said the BJP would have to answer as to what happened to its recruitment drive “Will the BJP say how many educated unemployed youth were provided jobs in their tenure.

  Mir said that  no programme and policy for the welfare of people except to divide the people on communal line,” alleged Mir. He held BJP Government responsible for all miseries of general masses who were ditched by their elected representatives.  He alleged that despite getting huge mandate from Jammu, BJP backstabbed aspirations of Dogras and surrendered for the lust of power. Asserting that Congress is not “anti-national”, he said those who are leveling wild allegations should check the number of their eye-glasses. He said Congress never played regional politics, never pitched one region against another, never played politics based on religion, communal lines and caste and always stood for unity of Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs. Mir  said that Congress is the voice of the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists residing in different regions of J&K. He added that party ideology is inclusive and not confined to any region.

 Speaking on the occasion Shri Ram Bhalla said that BJP has betrayed the citizens of J&K people from the year 2014 in diverse fronts. People have been reeling under miseries. Taking a dig at the BJP led government, he said that the government has failed to create jobs for the youth and instead of creating new jobs, BJP is on the wrong track and is damaging the present job scenario with its new recruitment and retirement laws. From time to time, BJP has come up with the anti-people policies, adding that  the next assembly elections will prove waterloo for the BJP.

 Bhalla accused the BJP of having played negative role during its rule in J&K on varied issues including general governance, development, employment, security and policy matters. He said that the aspirations of the people of Jammu region had not only been disregarded but ruthlessly trampled upon by the party leadership. He said that with entire focus of both union as well as state govt. on self centric issues, the people of the Dogra land were taken for granted and marginalized. He said that not only the J&K BJP leadership ignored Jammu but the central govt. too remained inclined towards self created motives with hardly any initiative taken for addressing the age old bias and prejudice against this region. Flaying the BJP for its submissive posturing and lame duck approach, he said that not a single promise made by it during elections had been honoured or even any initiative taken to fulfill the same.

 Earlier PCC president alongwith party workers celebrated Lohri  by putting ground nut & Rabdian, Chura etc in the fire in front of PCC HQ  Jammu and congratulated  people of Lohri festival.