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Kavinder lauds PM’s address at the special session of Parliament 

It has shut the mouth of those objecting to New Parliament Complex

JAMMU, SEP 18: Kavinder Gupta, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister has lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for according equitable significance to the old as well as modern values in the society. He expressed this while responding to the remark of the Prime Minister while addressing the House during the last session in the old building. The Prime Minister remarked “We may go to the new building, but the old building will also inspire generations to come. This is an important chapter of India’s journey.” It is an occasion to recollect and reminisce the parliamentary journey of 75 years of India before the proceedings are shifted to the newly inaugurated building,’ he added.
Addressing media persons here today that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s conversation with the media before the new Parliament session has undoubtedly set the record straight and shut the mouth of the opposition who had raised a lot of hue and cry over the construction of the new Parliament Complex. This is evidenced by the fact brought forth and presented nicely by the PM when he said that though the decision to construct this building was taken by a foreigner, yet we can never forget that it is the people of this nation who invested hard work, sweat and money in the construction of this building which is a sacred historical monument for all the people across Bharat. Recalling PM’s tweet “The strength of India’s democracy is that a child from a poor family living on the railway platform reached Parliament,” Kavinder stated that most of the coveted positions including that of the President are held by the ordinary commoners yet extraordinary in their efficiency. This is the beauty of the spirit of democracy in Bharat, he asserted.
 Kavinder Gupta stated that it is an irony of this nation that the opposition parties and their leaders never appreciated the achievements of the incumbent Modi led Govt be it the successful conclusion of G20, which the PM himself acknowledged being the success of not any individual or party, but that of the 140 crore populace of Bharat. He added that Indians will be proud of having successfully facilitated the African Union’s becoming a permanent member of the G20 during Bharat’s presidency.
The senior BJP leader hoped that opposition parties will play an active role in the new Parliament building and give up the habit of walkouts and wasting the precious time of the highest temple of Democracy.