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Madhya Pradesh Congress Launches Ambitious ‘Jan Aakrosh Yatra’ to Amplify Public Anger Against BJP Government

Congress Unleashes 'Jan Aakrosh' Rallies Covering 11,400 Kilometers to Voice Public Frustration in Madhya Pradesh

16-09-2023 : The Madhya Pradesh Congress is gearing up for an extensive and impactful political endeavor known as the ‘Jan Aakrosh Yatra,’ set to commence on September 19th. This ambitious initiative is aimed at amplifying the voice of the disgruntled populace and channeling their frustration against the ruling BJP government.

The ‘Jan Aakrosh’ rallies, totaling seven in number, will be simultaneously launched across the state, unleashing a wave of public sentiment against the incumbent government. These rallies will span an impressive 11,400 kilometers in just 15 days, covering every nook and cranny of the state’s 230 assembly constituencies.

The announcement of this grand political spectacle was made by Congress’s Madhya Pradesh General Secretary in-charge, Randeep Surjewala, during a press conference attended by prominent leaders, including the state’s Congress chief, Kamal Nath, who will spearhead one of these rallies.

Surjewala articulated the prevailing anger among the populace, which has been brewing during the 18.5 years of BJP rule in the state. The factors driving this discontent include dwindling incomes, tragic incidents of violence against farmers, notorious scams such as Vyapam and Patwari recruitment, the revocation of 3.22 million housing rights, corruption allegations surrounding the Ayushman health scheme, and mismanagement in the distribution of school uniforms and meals. Furthermore, an incident where a BJP leader insulted tribals by urinating on them has provoked public outrage.

Adding fuel to the fire of public resentment are allegations of corruption in the Mahakal Lok project, irregularities in the women’s marriage scheme, and a suspicious fire in the Satpura Bhawan (the state administrative building), which is believed to have been an attempt to destroy incriminating files.

In a grim statistic, Surjewala noted that the state had witnessed over 58,000 reported cases of rape and 67,000 abductions during the BJP’s 18-year reign, transforming Madhya Pradesh into the state with the highest incidence of crimes against children, tribals, and Dalits.

Surjewala also highlighted the enthusiastic response garnered by the Congress and Kamal Nath’s government during their brief tenure from 2018 to 2020. Under their leadership, 27 lakh farmers saw their loans waived, 87% of consumers had their power bills reduced to less than Rs 100 per month, and vigorous actions were taken against criminal syndicates and adulteration.

Furthermore, Surjewala outlined the 11 guarantees promised by Congress for the upcoming elections, including a monthly cash assistance of Rs 1500 for women, affordable domestic gas cylinders at Rs 500, 100 units of free power and 200 units at half-price, and the reinstatement of the old pension scheme. He concluded that the BJP government in the state had become a hollow, tainted facade, incapable of fulfilling the aspirations of any section of society.

Kamal Nath reiterated that the forthcoming assembly polls were not about choosing a political party or ideology but about safeguarding the future of Madhya Pradesh. He expressed confidence in the people of the state making the right decisions to secure that future.

It’s important to note that these Congress rallies are coinciding with the conclusion of the ruling BJP’s ‘Jan Ashirwad’ Yatras, featuring senior leaders from the state and across the country. These BJP yatras are expected to culminate in a grand event on September 25th, possibly graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took a dig at the Congress’s proposed Jan Aakrosh Yatra, suggesting that those who have the people’s blessings (referring to the BJP) are conducting Jan Ashirwad Yatras, while those facing public anger are embarking on a Jan Aakrosh Yatra.

The ‘Jan Aakrosh’ Yatra will be led by distinguished Congress leaders, each covering specific regions of the state:

    1. Leader of opposition Govind Singh will lead a rally spanning 1600 kilometers in 30 constituencies in the Gwalior-Chambal region.
    2. Former state Congress president Arun Yadav will lead a rally covering 1700 kilometers in 32 constituencies across Bundelkhand and central Madhya Pradesh regions.
    3. Former minister and Congress working committee member Kamleshwar Patel will traverse 1900 kilometers, spanning 30 constituencies in the Vindhya and Mahakoshal regions.
    4. Former leader of opposition Ajay Singh Rahul will lead a rally covering 1400 kilometers across 31 constituencies, also in the Vindhya and Mahakoshal regions.
    5. Former state Congress president Suresh Pachouri will lead a rally covering 1400 kilometers in 22 constituencies spanning the Mahakoshal and Central Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal-Hoshangabad) regions.
    6. Former union minister and poll campaign committee chief Kantilal Bhuria will lead a rally spanning 1700 kilometers across 33 constituencies in the tribal belt of the Malwa-Nimad region.
    7. Former minister Jitu Patwari will lead a rally covering 1700 kilometers across 36 constituencies in the Malwa region.