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Massive Gathering of Government Employees Demands Reinstatement of Old Pension Scheme at Ramlila Maidan

01-10-2023 : Ramlila Maidan became the epicenter of a significant gathering, as thousands of government employees hailing from both central and state administrations, representing more than 20 states, converged on this historic grounds to fervently articulate their demand for the reinstatement of the Old Pension Scheme. This demonstration, known as the Pension Shankhnaad Maharally, resonated with the impassioned voices of civil servants who expressed their deep-seated apprehensions about the trajectory of their post-retirement financial security.

Under the collective banner of the Joint Forum for Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (JFROPS) and the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA), the protesters orchestrated a grand assembly to make their voices heard far and wide. A protester at the scene articulated their mission succinctly, encapsulating the overarching sentiment: “We are holding a maha rally to demand the restoration of the Old Pension Scheme.”

The crux of the matter revolved around the vehement opposition to the New Pension Scheme by employees who commenced their government service after January 1, 2004. These individuals, driven by concerns about their future well-being once they retire, found themselves thrust into the New Pension Scheme, consequently relinquishing the safeguards provided by the Old Pension Scheme. This grievance was articulated by Shiv Gopal Mishra, the National Convener and General Secretary of the All India Railway Men’s Federation, who emphatically stated, “The employees are worried about their future after retirement because they have been deprived of the Old Pension Scheme and forced into the New Pension Scheme.”

The event was marked by a substantial presence of law enforcement personnel, reflecting the significance and scale of this gathering.