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Narwal Fruit Market Lease Renewal Delay Sparks Concerns: Traders Federation Meets Chief Secretary

Chamber of Traders Federation Engages with Chief Secretary to Address Critical Business Challenges in Jammu

29-09-2023 : A delegation representing the Chamber of Traders Federation, led by its Patron Neeraj Anand, convened a meeting with Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Mehta in Jammu today. The purpose of this meeting was to bring to the forefront a series of pressing issues that have been adversely affecting businesses in the Jammu region. Mayor of Jammu, Rajinder Sharma, was also present during this significant interaction.

The delegation earnestly sought the expeditious resolution of a range of issues, including the renewal of lease deeds for Narwal Mandi, concerns related to Gair Mumkin Khad, and issues pertaining to the Roshni and Nazool schemes. Additionally, the delegation emphasized the urgent release of payments to vendors and companies.

Neeraj Anand, in particular, highlighted the detrimental impact of the undue delay in renewing the lease deeds for the Narwal Fruit Market. He stressed that this delay has significantly hindered the growth of the horticulture business in the region. Furthermore, due to the absence of renewed lease deed documents, banks and financial institutions have refrained from providing credit facilities, deeming the assets as having “zero value.” This, in turn, has had profound financial repercussions on the entire economic cycle.

Raman Gupta, President of CTF, delved into the adverse effects that businesses have faced due to the ambiguity surrounding revenue laws and terminologies such as Gair Mumkin Khad, Roshni Schemes, and Nazool land. He emphasized the imperative need for swift resolution of issues related to revenue records to revitalize the struggling business environment. Gupta pointed out that entrepreneurs have been unable to leverage various government schemes for business development because banks and financial institutions have assessed the mortgage value as zero.

Dinesh Gupta, General Secretary of CTF, pressed for the immediate release of outstanding payments owed by government departments to numerous major brands that have supplied goods in response to duly advertised tenders. He further noted that even government departments that are now closed, like JAKFED, owe substantial sums to national companies. Gupta expressed concerns that the failure to release due payments tarnishes the reputation of the Union Territory (UT) Government and raises doubts about the feasibility of further investments in Jammu and Kashmir.

Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Mehta attentively listened to the array of issues raised by the delegation and provided assurance of swift redressal. He conveyed that corrective measures were being implemented in revenue records, employing scientific methods to eliminate malpractices. Mayor Rajinder Sharma reiterated the LG administration’s unwavering commitment to serving the public with honesty and transparency, fostering a sense of empowerment among the citizens. Praveen Gupta and Shiv Gupta also played pivotal roles as part of the delegation in addressing these vital concerns.