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National Loktantrik Party Unveils Vision for Jammu and Kashmir Prosperity: Dr. Suhail Choudhary Addresses Press Conference

Jammu, 09-12-2023: Dr, Suhail Choudhary National President ( Executive) National Loktantrik Party addressed a jam-packed press conference at Jammu Lays out full fledged vision for Jammu and Kashmirprosperity Jammu. 9 December,2023

in an important development for Jammu and Kashmir, National Loktantrik Party launched few months back, first time ever held a show of strength in Jammu region . in this regard Dr.suhail Choudhary National President ( Executive) of National Loktantrik Party addressed jam-packed press conference at Jammu laying out multi-Pronged pro people vision of the party. made it clear If National Loktantrik Party would be voted in power then we can facilitate all-round : -3gress and prosperity.

Education is the cornerstone of civilization. We would ensure fruits of education reach nook and corner o’ Jammu and Kashmir as only through power of education youth can progress ahead. The children of poor would be provided free education so that they don’t remain aloof from illuminating lamp of education.

Free Medical treatment would be ensured all across the health spectrum of Jammu and Kashmir for entire common masses.

The Employment avenues would be created , since unemployment is a crushing problem foryouth of Jammu and Kashmir. Turmoil of three decades, post abrogation scenario, Pandemic Coronavirus have been irritants for job creation. National Loktantrik Party would leave no stone unturned to ensure all round jobs especially for educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir.” Dr.suhail Choudhary

National President ( Executive) also made it clear that inflation or price rise is m common breaking back of commo man of Jammu and Kashmir, and Party would take steps to ease it out once voted to power. He affirmed that menace of toll taxes in form of Toll Plazas after every 15 or 20 kilometers is breaking back of travellers and transporters. The National Loktantrik Party would resolve this grave problem.