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Natrang show series ‘Loktantra  Ka Asli Mantra’ commences at Doda

Doda 7th April, 2024 : Natrang show series ‘Loktantra Ka Asli Mantra’ commenced here today at Fawara Chowk, Doda with a big bang. Organised by the district administration Doda and supported by the Chief Electoral Office, J&K, this highly motivating electrifying theatre performance educated the masses in a highly effective manner about the importance of voting. Written by Padamshree Balwant Thakur and directed by Neeraj Kant the play aims at creating a strong movement ensuring maximum participation of voters in the electoral process. Theatre is the most powerful medium of mass awareness and today’s professional performance by J&K’s most popular theatre group Natrang was a testimony of that.
The play ‘Loktantra Ka Asli Mantra’ opens with the aggression of the disillusioned, frustrated youth who are struggling to survive in the contaminated air of corruption, scandals and dishonesty. They do not see any hope in the future as their present is being rotten by the corrupt system. They want to devastate everything around them in rage but when questioned by an educated person that ‘what are they doing to come out of this unfortunate situation? Busy in their illusionary world created by social media, they are speechless as they just want the things to happen but are not ready to be part of that change and want everything without making any required effort. Terming them as the most vibrant human resource in the world, the educated person prompts them to come forward, take the command and change their fate. The most effective way of changing the fate of a country is the way of voting, this is the highly peaceful and effective way to bring big reforms of their choices.
As the play proceeds, different age groups and varied sections of people are shown in a satirical manner who have their petty reasons to not vote and also whom to vote. This ignorance and arrogance of the masses leaves huge space for the vested interests to exploit this situation.
Through this play, all the sections of society are prompted not to run away from their ultimate responsibility of voting for the stronger democracy of India. Vote has the only and ultimate power to change the fate of the country and everyone through this play is motivated to ensure that this right of voting of every citizen should not go to waste.  Let’s pledge to vote!
The artists who participated in the play Loktantra Ka Asli Mantra included Neeraj Kant, Subash Jamwal, Mohd. Yaseen, Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Aadesh Dhar, Sanket Bhagat, Vishal Sharma, Kushal Bhat, Kananpreet Kaur, Palshin Dutta, Payal Khanna, Priya Kashyap, Amit Rana and Arun Sharma. The music of the play was operated by Mohd. Yaseen