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Natrang’s Sunday Theatre: “Parda Uthne Se Pehle” Enthralls Audiences in Jammu

Jammu 10-09-2023 : Natrang presented a new Hindi play ‘Parda Uthne Se Pehle’ in its weekly theatre series, Sunday Theatre today at its Studio Theatre here in Kachi Chawni, Jammu. The play has been written by Rajinder Kumar Sharma and was directed by Neeraj Kant.

“Parda Uthne Se Pehle” is the story of a man who is very fond of acting, but his wife does not like his acting.When the play starts, Anil’s wife Sheela is seen cursing her husband and says that no one’s husband should get addicted to drama.  Meanwhile, Anil enters the house and Sheela gets angry at Anil and says that if he wants drama in his life then send her to her parents’ house.  Later, Anil praises Sheela and says that now the heroine of his play is not Veena but she.  Because the heroine of his play has gone somewhere without informing him and his play is going to be performed the day after tomorrow.  Now Anil starts getting Sheela to rehearse when a man comes to take entry passes of the play. After that Anil starts the rehearsal again when Anil’s talkative neighbour Makhan Lal enters and starts wasting his time in idle talks.  Anil barely gets rid of him when his son Munnu comes to disturb him.  They send Munnu out with an excuse and start rehearsing the last scene in which Anil points Munnu’s toy pistol towards Sheela and starts speaking dialogues. Meanwhile, Anil’s neighbours Pindidas and Subramaniam enter after hearing the noise and mistakenly understand that Anil is shooting Sheela.  With great difficulty he explains to both of them that they were rehearsing for the play.At last Veena, the heroine of Anil’s play, enters and when Sheela comes to know about it, she exposes Anil that this is the same Veena about whom he was talking evil.  Hearing all this, Veena leaves and Anil says that his play ended even before the curtain rose and the play ends.

Natrang young artists who performed in the play included Chirag Anand, Abhimanyu Choudhary, Sumit Bandaral, Mehak Singh, Palshin Dutta, Harsh Dogra, Nikhil Sharma, Chaitanya Shekhar and Sonali Sharma. Lights and Music of the play were operated by Neeraj Kant. The presentations were done by Mahikshit Singh and the show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.