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NC fighting elections for J&K’s identity, dignity: Dr Farooq Abdullah

Addresses election rally at Kanihama, chadoora. Stresses on dialogue with neighbouring countries 

Srinagar, 07 May: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr.Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday cautioned people against the forces who are sowing division along religious, regional and linguistic lines, calling for upholding unity and solidarity to counter such divisive forces.
He was addressing a workers convention at Kanihama in Chadoora. The event was organised by senior party leader and In Charge Chadoora Ali Muhammad Dar. Among others Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, Senior Congress leader Vikar Rasool Wani, Dr Sameer Koul also addressed the gathering.
Urging the people to unite against BJP & its local minions, Dr Farooq said, “There is a dire need of unity in resisting communalism. Every vote that goes to BJP’s local minions will further marginalise the minorities, particularly Muslims across the country. It’s lotus outside Kashmir but here in Kashmir BJP is contesting elections wearing different gowns.  It’s in the public domain, everyone knows. People flaunting Ball and Bat, Pen and Ink Pot and Bucket are supporting BJP, which is responsible for marginalizing Muslims across the country.”
Lashing out at the BJP, he said the party in power at the Centre snatched away our identity and our land rights. “BJP did not open colleges, universities, or schools. It opened liquor shops. What development are they talking about?”
Calling for dialogue with Pakistan, Dr Farooq said, “It is not the first time that I have said that. I have been saying it for years and the Prime Minister himself is on record saying that wars are over and we have to find solutions through negotiations only. They talked to China which is occupying our territory several times during the past months, so why not with Pakistan? We have seen what the ramifications of war are in the case of  Russia- Ukraine. We certainly don’t want to see such a situation arise in the subcontinent.”
Dr Farooq Abdullah said that today was the question of preserving the identity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Today it is the question of whether our identity could survive or not. We are 20 crore Muslims living in India and our ancestors are buried in this land and yet they consider us as infiltrators,” he said.