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Newly Elected President of Youth Congress, J&K , Aakash Bharat, Receives Grand Welcome in Basohli

Massive Rally Greets Aakash Bharat as He Pledges to Empower Youth and Lead Congress to Victory

Basohli, Saturday ,16 September — Today, the newly elected President of Youth Congress, Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Aakash Bharat, returned to his hometown of Basohli amidst a spectacular welcome. The vibrant town of Basohli came alive as supporters and well-wishers gathered to extend their warm greetings to their dynamic leader.

A grand rally was organized to celebrate this homecoming, commencing at the iconic Atal Setu Bridge and continuing through the heart of Basohli. Thousands of enthusiastic supporters cheered as Aakash Bharat walked alongside them, reaffirming his commitment to empower the youth of Jammu & Kashmir.

In an interaction with the media, Mr. Aakash Bharat expressed his dedication to working tirelessly for the betterment of the region’s youth. He declared, “The Youth Congress is fully prepared for the upcoming elections, and we are determined to bring the Congress party back to power. Congress is the party that tirelessly serves the people and prioritizes employment opportunities for the youth.”

Aakash Bharat went on to criticize the current government, alleging a series of scams in government recruitment that have deceived the youth of Jammu & Kashmir. He emphasized the urgent need for change and promised to restore integrity to the recruitment process.

Speaking about the state of Basohli municipality, Mr. Aakash Bharat lamented the lack of progress and development. He declared, “The municipality in Basohli has not lived up to its potential. If the people of Basohli elect a committed Chairman for the municipality, we will make every effort to drive the development and progress that this town deserves.”

The homecoming event in Basohli not only marked a significant moment for Aakash Bharat but also highlighted his strong vision for the future of Jammu & Kashmir. As he concluded his speech, he reiterated his unwavering commitment to the people and his determination to lead the Congress party to victory in the upcoming elections. The crowd responded with resounding applause and support for their newly elected youth leader.those were present vishal padwal, aamir ansari,ankush mehra, shiv padha, asish bharat, amrish sharma,sahil balowria,ayush gour,gourav jamwal and others