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Obstruction and Sabotage attempts of BJP’s led administration cannot stop sunami wave of NC: Rattan Lal Gupta

With no candidate of BJP in fray in valley the role of Tarun Chugh in Kashmir & Rajouri Poonch is immaterial.

JAMMU May 10th: Rattan Lal Gupta, the Provincial President of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JKNC), vehemently denounced the administration’s blatant attempts to obstruct the political campaign of Party Vice-President and NC candidate for Lok Sabha Polls, Omar Abdullah in the Baramulla constituency when permission was granted to hold rallies and public meetings from 9th of May to 18 of May, 2024 the last day of campaign. Such actions not only undermine democratic principles but also reveal the ruling party’s desperation to suppress opposition voices.

In a statement issued here today, the senior NC leader emphasized that the police directives to  rescheduling the programmes of election canvassing in the Baramulla constituency from 11th to 13th  was a blatant attempt aimed at sabotaging the democratic process and undermining the integrity of Omar Abdullah’s campaign. This deliberate obstruction not only reflects the desperation of political opponents but also highlights their fear of the overwhelming support the National Conference is garnering across the Kashmir Valley, Poonch and Rajouri Districts.

Rattan Lal Gupta asserted that the remarkable response received by the National Conference throughout the Kashmir Valley, Poonch and Rajouri Districts has evidently rattled its adversaries, compelling them to resort to desperate measures in their futile attempt to hinder the party’s momentum and Sunami wave in favour of NC Candidates. By obstructing the NC’s campaign efforts, these opponents only expose their collective inability to resonate with the sentiments of the electorate.He asserted that the political rivals of National Conference or we can say the A, B & C teams of BJP have chosen to hide behind the veil of  BJP led administration, utilizing it as a shield to shield themselves from the legitimate aspirations of the people.

Rattan Lal emphasised that if the BJP was confident of its claims on ‘development and normalcy’, then the party should field its candidates instead of fiddling its proxy candidates in  three seats in the Kashmir Valley. He claimed that BJP has damaged the democracy in Jammu and Kashmir as more than ten years have passed since last assembly polls were held.

The Provincial President appealed directly to the Election Commission of India (ECI), urging its intervention to prevent the recurrence of such disruptive actions and to ensure the smooth conduct of democratic processes. He implored the ECI to uphold the principles of fairness and transparency by permitting the NC candidate, Omar Abdullah, to hold rallies unhindered in the Baramulla constituency.

Meanwhile, Rattan Lal Gupta has responded strongly to the irresponsible statement made by BJP leader Tarun Chugh, targeting the National Conference over dynasty politics.

He expressed deep concern over Chugh’s remarks, particularly highlighting the absence of any BJP candidate in the electoral fray, raising questions about Chugh’s credibility and relevance in Kashmir Parliamentary elections.The absence of BJP candidates in the region underscores the party’s reluctance to engage in the democratic process, rendering Chugh’s role in the region immaterial.

The senior NC leader reiterated that the contributions of the National Conference to the progress and welfare of Jammu and Kashmir are unparalleled. He emphasized that across three generations, the NC has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving the people of the region. Furthermore, he highlighted the immense sacrifices made by the NC cadre to uphold democracy and protect the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. These sacrifices, he noted, are a testament to the NC’s unwavering dedication to preserving the democratic fabric of the region. That is why people of Jammu and Kashmir respect and love from the core of their hearts Abdullah’s families.