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Omar living in fool’s paradise, NC not BJP will lose deposits: Kavinder

JAMMU,12-04-2024: Reacting strongly to NC leader Omar Abdullah’s assertion that BJP candidates would lose their deposits in Kashmir region, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta unequivocally stated that Omar’s claims are unfounded, adding that it is his party, not the BJP, that is likely to face devastation in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
In a statement issued here today, the senior BJP leader said that former CM is living in fool’s paradise, labeling his remarks as a product of wishful thinking rather than grounded in reality. He asked him to not to ignore the facts as there are no takers for NC in the Union Territory and the flags of BJP are flying high across the Union Territory.
Kavinder said that Omar’s unfounded statements show that National Conference is in doldrums and its leadership is trying its level best to regain the lost ground which under present circumstances seems to be next to impossible.
Kavinder said that Omar must rely on basics and should analyze again the ground situation as all the political parties forming opposition are today afraid of BJP’s popularity and success, and to counter this, the same are making failed attempts to collaborate, showing the iconic stature of BJP everywhere across the country.
 “The people of Jammu and Kashmir are wise enough to evaluate the ground realities and recognize the stark contrast between empty promises and real progress. The BJP stands proudly by its decision to abrogate Article 370, which has paved the way for true empowerment, development, and integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. While some politicians may find it convenient to criticize this historic move, the people witnessing the tangible benefits it has brought to the Union Territory,” he added.
The senior BJP leader said that National Conference’s time is over as it has become a spent force both in Kashmir as well as in Jammu, and whatever its leadership is uttering is out of sheer frustration and hopelessness. He advised Omar not to be misled by false hopes or wishful thinking, asking him to confront the reality that the National Conference is grappling with dwindling support and relevance. He emphasized the BJP’s burgeoning popularity across the Union Territory and cautioned against underestimating its strength.