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People of Jammu full of resentment against BJP: Dr. Farooq Abdullah

Presides over a joint meeting with INC candidate, leaders at Jammu


Jammu, 05 Apr:  The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Friday chaired a joint meeting of INC & JKNC  functionaries of Jammu Parliamentary Constituency at his residence in Jammu. 
Congress Candidate Raman Bhalla, JKNC Additional General Secretary Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, Provincial President Rattan Lal Gupta, and functionaries from both INC and JKNC were present in the meeting.

Emphasizing on the need to work in tandem to defeat the BJP, Dr. Farooq said that it was inevitable for both parties to work hard honestly and dedicatedly to make the congress candidate successful. “As a political party, it’s the biggest sin to desert the cause of the people when they are suffering the worst nightmare in their life. This is what BJP’s local teams have done in the lure for power and luxuries. This ensuing parliament elections are about making our voices heard in the parliament, BJP is trying its best to stop people’s credible voices from reaching parliament by creating divisions. They are trying extra time to divide us on the basis of religion, region, and language. We have decided to fight BJP and its ecosystem unitedly for the causes of people when they are suffering the worst-ever tyranny and oppression.”

He further said, “BJP is trying it’s best to deviate from its failure on curbing unprecedented unemployment, rising disparity in society, misuse of power and subjugation of the democratic institutions as never before, untold suffering of the farmers and artisans, and an unabated crackdown on the voices of dissent, is fanning hatred and creating a divide among communities.” 
“Take it from me, the BJP will suffer its biggest-ever defeat in the 2024 elections. People are full of disgust and resentment against them. They are waiting for their moment to dethrone it. Let the elections take place. People will punish them for lying to them, for hoodwinking them and for undermining their unique identity.”

Dr. Farooq also called for greater coordination between the INC & JKNC right down to the booth level. Speaking on the occasion the joint candidate for the Jammu parliamentary constituency Raman Bhalla concurred with the sentiments of the NC president emphasising on the spirit of unity. 





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