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PoJK DPs of 1947, 65, 71 forms confederation to fight jointly to get their issues resolved

Jammu, Sep 30: A number of organizations are working since long for the cause of DPs of 1947, 65, 71 both Camp and Non- camp from PoJK and Chhamb. This had left a general impression that these are working with their own agenda. There has been a loud talk from all quarters to form a joint platform to fight for final Relief & Rehabilitation of all DPs waiting for justice for the last 76 years.

Today a joint meeting of all DP’s organizations was convened by Manjeet Singh, a descendant of DP family of 1947 and prominent social activist at Gandhi Nagar Jammu.

Chairman, President’s and Conveners heading all the organizations attended along with their major office bearers. Detailed discussion was held on various issues of all categories of DPs and the structure of the joint platform.

Finally it was decided that a platform be formed under the name of “Confederation of Organizations of DPs of 1947, 65, 71 (Camp and Non-Camp) from POJK and Chhamb. There will be a Steering Committee of one member each from all the organizations at the head to formulate the working of the Confederation.

Thus one member each from all organizations was nominated as detailed hereunder:

    1. Rajiv Chuni, Chairman, S. O. S. International – An Organization for PoJK DPs
    2.  J S Sudan, Convener, MJR-47, Movement for Justice for Refugees of 1947 from PoJK
    3. Capt. Yudhvir Singh, PoJK Displaced Persons Front 1947, 65, 71 (camp and Non-camp
    4. Amrik Singh, PoJK 1947 Sharnarthi Intellectual Forum
    5. Capt. S R Nagyal, Chhamb Displaced Persons Association 1971
    6. Harpreet Singh, Joint POJK Youth Refugee Front
    7. Rajinder Sharma, PoJK Liberation Front.

It was decided that all the Committee members shall have equal status and there will be a Convener by rotation. To begin with J S Sudan, Convener, MJR-47, was opted as the first Convener.

It was decided that the “Black Day/Shradhanjali Diwas on 22nd Oct.” will be observed by the Confederation, all associations will participate to pay Homage to the more than 70,000 martyrs of the genocide in the Tribal Raid on the state started on 22nd Oct 1947 from Muzaffarabad, Poonch, Mirpur, Kotli, Bhimber, Budhhal and also in the Kashmir valley.

It was decided that all the organizations will mobilize our lakhs of DPs to launch a mass movement to achieve our goal.

It was further decided that the meeting of the Steering Committee shall be held within the coming two to three days to chalk out further course of action.