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Senior Citizen Rejuvenation Centre felicitates Rekha Mahajan

Jammu, 04 Jan: Today  Baldev Raj Gupta President of Senior Citizen Rejuvenation Centre, Trikuta Nagar Jammu invited and felicitated Rekha Mahajan BJP District President Jammu South here at Trikuta Nagar. The members of  (SCRC) express gratitude and welcomed Rekha Mahajan. During the meeting, they apprised the problems of the area faced by the senior citizens and general inhabitants of the locality.
During the interaction, Rekha Mahajan patiently listen to the difficulties of the senior citizens and the general public of the area and assured them to look into the matter personally. Rekha Mahajan said that there are many administrative and personal issues, which are faced by the masses in their daily routine. For those issues, they need to approach various departments in which they often feel uneasy. To provide relief to the masses in this important matter, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with its  commitment to serving the masses dedicatedly.
Rekha added that BJP is working on the principle of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas aur Sabka Prayas” in J&K.She said that the party and its leaders are continuously working for the welfare of the masses, especially for the prevalence of peace and progress in the region of Jammu & Kashmir.
Listening patiently to the issues of SCRC, Rekha Mahajan immediately look into the matter personally and assured the common masses of all domains of the quick solutions to their presented issues in a time-bound manner. Rekha highlighted in the 8 years of service, PM Modi took many big decisions for the benefit of the public, and we trying to implement his ideas at the ground level. She said that it is a sincere attempt to lessen the gap between the administration and the people and ensure that genuine issues of the general public are redressed in an efficacious way.
Furthermore, Speaking on the occasion, Rekha Mahajan underlined that she had made their best efforts to address the issues put forth by the people and provide better possible solutions to them.
“BJP remains connected throughout the year with common masses as it is the Party formed by them and for them Rekha added. The Party, hence, stands committed to the issues faced by the masses at every stage,” said Rekha Mahajan while listening to the issues and grievances put forth by the people visiting Trikuta  Nagar Jammu.
Later Senior Citizens Rejuvenation Centre, also celebrates the birthday of a member of SCRC super senior citizen Sudarshan Kumar Gupta on the occasion.