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Slathia Inaugurates Volleyball Tournament, Advocates Youth Involvement in Sports

Samba 23.06.2024:- Sports play a pivotal role in shaping the character and future of our youth, said Mr. Surjeet Slathia, Sr BJP Leader while declaring open a District Volley Ball Tournament here at Mandi Sangwali in Samba District.

“By participating in sports, young individuals not only improve their physical health but also cultivate valuable traits such as discipline, teamwork, and resilience”.

Emphasizing the importance of sports, Mr. Slathia said , “Sports are not just about physical fitness; they instill discipline, teamwork, and resilience in our youth. It is crucial for young individuals to participate in sports to nurture a well-rounded personality and contribute positively to society.”

He said this exciting Volley Ball tournament, is providing a platform for our youth to showcase their skills and passion for sports, and all young individuals should actively participate in sports and make it an integral part of their lives.

He said the Government, under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, continues to prioritize and advance initiatives aimed at fostering sports development across J&K. Recognizing the integral role of sports in promoting health, well-being, and national pride, the government has implemented a series of transformative policies and programs to encourage active participation and excellence in various sporting disciplines.

Urging the parents, schools, and communities to support and encourage our youth to participate actively in sports, Mr Salthia said “Together, we can create a culture where physical activity is celebrated and embraced as an integral part of daily life.”