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Uday Chib emphasizes youth engagement, strategic importance of Upcoming Assembly Polls in J&K

JAMMU: Uday Bhanu Chib, former President of Youth Congress Jammu and Kashmir and presently National General Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC), underscored the pivotal role that youth must assume in the forthcoming Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Engaging closely with the aspirations of young citizens, Uday Chib highlighted key policies of the Congress Party aimed at empowering and addressing the concerns of the youth demographic.

The senior Youth Congress leader was speaking during an interaction with youth of Wards No. 60, 59 and 38 in Jammu north Assembly segment. In the meeting, Hari Singh Chib, Vice President of JKPCC, Surinder Kumar , Pummy Manhas, Surjeet Manhas, Digvijay Singh, Lucky Chib and Sher Singh were also present.

Reflecting on the strategic significance of the upcoming polls, Uday Chib articulated, “The upcoming Assembly elections represent a critical juncture for the future of Jammu and Kashmir. It is imperative that the youth actively participate and contribute to shaping the direction of our state.”

Uday Chib further recalled the impactful role played by youth during the recent Lok Sabha elections, where their enthusiastic support bolstered the INDIA Alliance nationwide. He urged the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to sustain this momentum, emphasizing, “The youth have demonstrated their potential to effect positive change. Their involvement in the upcoming Assembly polls will be decisive in determining the course of our state’s future.”

Acknowledging the challenges and opportunities ahead, Uday Chib outlined the commitment of Congress to fostering an inclusive environment where the aspirations of every citizen, especially the youth, are prioritized. “Our policies are designed to empower the youth with opportunities for education, employment, and leadership,” he affirmed.

Hari Singh Chib, in his address, emphasized the Congress party’s commitment to engaging with all segments of society, with a special focus on the youth, to forge a constructive future for Jammu and Kashmir. He urged the people of the region to responsibly exercise their democratic rights and actively participate in shaping the state’s destiny.

Hari Singh appealed to the residents to lend their support to the Congress Party in the forthcoming Assembly elections, highlighting their agenda for fostering equitable development across Jammu and Kashmir. He underscored the importance of unity and collective effort in achieving progress and prosperity, emphasizing that inclusive governance and shared aspirations are pivotal to realizing the state’s full potential.