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Uttar Pradesh Ready to Drive India’s Economic Growth: President Murmu

Rs 35.5 Lakh Crore Investment Proposals Received at Uttar Pradesh Global Summit

13-02-223 : The Uttar Pradesh government was commended for hosting a successful Global Investors Summit by President Droupadi Murmu Rashtrapati Bhavan, who also said that the state is “ready and able” to serve as India’s growth engine.

President Murmu stated on Sunday at the final session of the Global Summit that she was pleased to see the interest that many nations have in the growth and development of the Uttar Pradesh.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has the most people overall and contributes the most income to the national economy. I’m grateful to the state’s farmers and businesspeople for doing this. As India’s growth engine, Uttar Pradesh is “saksham” (capable) and “taiyar” (prepared).

She claimed that as a result of the summit, Uttar Pradesh received investment proposals totaling Rs 35.5 lakh crore.

“Uttar Pradesh has the most food grains, including wheat, of any state in India. It also makes more sugarcane and potatoes than any other place in the country. This state also has the most to do with making mangoes and peas “she added.

During her speech, Murmu talked about how happy she was that the meeting had sessions like “Leveraging Food Basket of India: Opportunity for Food Processing” and “Unlocking Opportunities in Dairy and Animal Husbandry Sector.”

According to the president, political stability and effective management are the most crucial factors for investors. He added that the current government in Uttar Pradesh is “stable and capable of making decisions.”

“The state government devised long-term plans and carried them out. She claimed that as a result, the state is prepared and qualified to serve as the “New India’s” engine of growth.

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