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Caveat Notices Spark Debate: J&K Bank Grapples with Allegations of Favoritism and Discrimination in Career Progression

Jammu and Kashmir Bank Controversy: Caveat Notices Stoke Discontent Among Officers Amid Promotion Policy Scrutiny

Srinagar, 11-05-2024 : A wave of controversy has engulfed the Jammu and Kashmir Bank as it issues caveat notices to a substantial number of its officers, triggering concerns and dissent among its workforce. The issuance of these notices follows closely on the heels of the Bank’s announcement of its highest-ever profit in its 85-year history, prompting questions and suspicions among employees. The caveat notices, issued in conjunction with a newly approved promotion policy and subsequent career progression notification, have stirred discontent among employees who perceive them as indicative of favoritism and discrimination.

The language of the caveat notices, expressing apprehensions about potential challenges to the promotion and career progression process from Manager to Senior Manager, has further exacerbated tensions. Many aggrieved officers view these notices not as a legitimate legal precaution but rather as a deliberate hindrance to their participation in the career advancement process.

According to some affected officers, the caveat notices appear to be a means of silencing employees who seek clarification from management regarding their rights. The delivery of these notices to residential addresses has only added to the distress, particularly among female employees. Furthermore, the wide-reaching scope of the caveat, targeting not only those aspiring for promotion but also senior officers perceived as potentially litigious, has deepened the sense of unease and discontent within the Bank.

In response to the situation, employees are calling upon the Jammu and Kashmir government, a significant stakeholder in the Bank, to intervene and facilitate a resolution through open dialogue and equitable treatment. Concerns have been raised regarding the lack of transparency and inclusivity in the promotion policy, fostering an environment of suspicion and resentment among the workforce.

Baldev Prakash, the Bank’s Managing Director and CEO, maintains that the promotion policy is non-controversial and has received approval from the Board of Directors. However, dissenting voices within the Bank challenge the legitimacy of these notices, viewing them as intimidatory tactics aimed at quashing dissent and discouraging employees from asserting their rights.

Employees slated for interview under the new policy are urging the Bank to address the issue amicably and ensure equal participation for all eligible candidates, thereby promoting a culture of fairness and meritocracy within the institution, as has been upheld in the past.




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