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Cracking Down on Terrorism: J&K Police to Treat Recruitment for Terror Organizations as Acts of Terror

18-11-2023 : Addressing the ongoing challenges posed by terrorism and narcotics in Jammu and Kashmir, Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain declared that recruiting individuals for terrorist organizations will be treated as an act of terror. During a public grievance redressal meeting at the police headquarters in Srinagar, the DGP emphasized the crackdown on recruitment activities for terrorist groups and the battle against narcotic dealers and smugglers.

DGP Swain conveyed that each instance of recruitment would be deemed an act of terror, holding accountable those who incite or facilitate young individuals to join terrorist ranks. He underlined the collective responsibility of the community, stating that efforts must extend beyond law enforcement alone. Writers using the guise of freedom of expression to incite youth will also face legal action.

Expressing concern over narcotics smuggling, particularly from across the Line of Control, DGP Swain emphasized combining the forces of various law enforcement agencies to target major dealers. The DGP asserted that a unified approach involving agencies such as ED, IT, NIA, SIA, and district police would be employed to tackle the “wholesale” drug trade, aiming to dismantle the financial foundations of those involved.

Highlighting the severity of the issue, Swain noted the shift from locally available charas to more harmful substances like heroin and brown sugar, which are imported from across the border. He vowed strict action against anyone, including those within the police establishment, found facilitating the drug trade.

Discussing the public grievance redressal meeting, Swain described it as an experimental effort to connect with the community and address their concerns. He emphasized the importance of a follow-up system to refine the grievance resolution process and pledged to communicate the outcomes of each complaint to the concerned individuals. While acknowledging that he may not have solutions to all problems, DGP Swain assured that issues related to the police administration would be addressed and resolved.