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DI&C Arun Manhas and Industry Leaders Strategize for Growth: An Insightful Meeting on Overcoming Hurdles in Industrial Sector

Jammu, 20-11-2023: A delegation comprised of office bearers from the Association of Industries Gangyal recently convened a meeting with the Director of Industries & Commerce in his office chamber. The purpose of this meeting was to address and discuss a range of issues currently facing the existing industries within the Jammu region and especially the Gangyal Industrial Area in particular.

During the session, the delegation engaged in a comprehensive dialogue with the Director, presenting and deliberating on the various challenges and concerns that local industries are currently grappling with. These issues likely encompass a spectrum of topics such as regulatory hurdles, infrastructural bottlenecks, policy implementations, and economic challenges that impact the overall operational landscape of the industries in Gangyal.

The meeting provided a platform for a constructive exchange of ideas and information between the office bearers of the Association of Industries Gangyal and the Director of Industries & Commerce. The aim was to seek potential solutions, address grievances, and explore collaborative measures to enhance the business environment for the existing industries in the region. Such engagements play a crucial role in fostering communication between industry representatives and governmental bodies, contributing to the sustainable development and growth of the industrial sector.