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Expulsion of Pramod Krishnam exposes Congress’ Anti-Hindu & Anti-India Stance: Kavinder

Says PM Modi vows to build a stronger, more resilient India

JAMMU,11-02-2024 : Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former deputy Chief Minister, has strongly criticized the Congress party for its anti-Hindu and anti-India mindset, which has been further demonstrated with the expulsion of senior Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam for supporting the devotees of Ram Temple.
Speaking at the day-long convention organized by Party’s Local Bodies Cell at Bharat Mata Mandir, Trikuta Nagar, Kavinder Gupta said that the Congress party has consistently shown opposition towards the interests and sentiments of Hindus and the nation as a whole. He emphasized that the expulsion of veteran Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam serves as a clear indication of the mindset prevailing within the Congress leadership, showcasing their disregard for the sentiments of Ram Bhakts (devotees of Lord Ram). He accused the party of not tolerating the expression of devotion towards Lord Ram, further solidifying their anti-Hindu stance.
The senior BJP leader called upon the people to recognize Congress party’s true intentions and to support a party that upholds the values of inclusivity, respect for all religions, and the well-being of the nation. He urged the people to stand united against divisive politics and to embrace a leadership that prioritizes the interests of all communities and works towards the progress and unity of India.
While addressing the convention, Kavinder highlighted the government’s achievements under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and outlined the vision for the future as the country gears up for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He also shared Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unwavering commitment to building a stronger and more resilient India. He emphasized the need for a united India that embraces progress, development, and inclusivity.
The senior BJP leader threw light on the government’s transformative initiatives, including the successful implementation of various welfare schemes, infrastructure development, and economic reforms that have propelled India’s growth trajectory. He emphasized that under PM Modi’s leadership, the country has witnessed significant advancements in sectors such as healthcare, education, and technology, leading to improved living standards for all citizens.
He also acknowledged the pivotal role played by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Local Bodies Cell in grassroots governance and empowering local communities.
Kavinder Gupta urged party workers to actively engage with the electorate and promote the government’s achievements and future plans. He highlighted the significance of effective communication, stating that it is crucial to reach out to every citizen, understand their concerns, and address them effectively. He reiterated PM Modi’s vision of a stronger and more resilient India, where every citizen has the opportunity to prosper and contribute to the nation’s development.
Prominent among those who were present include Rekha Mahajan District President, Vikram Randhawa, Pawan Singh, Lucky Puri, Narinder Singh Bunty, Dinesh Gupta, Rahul Kumar, Ajay Gupta, Pushpinder Singh, Sandeep, Rachit Khosla, Vishal Gupta, Maheep Gupta, Indu Puri, Monika Khosla and Ritika Trehan.