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Himachal Pradesh Government Plans to Expand Industrial Growth with New Industrial Areas in Hamirpur and Bilaspur

01-07-2023 : The Himachal Pradesh government has recently announced plans to establish two new industrial areas in the districts of Hamirpur and Bilaspur. This decision comes as a part of the state’s efforts to attract investors and promote industrial growth in the region. The initiative was discussed and approved during a meeting of the Standing Committee, which was presided over by Principal Secretary of Industries, RD Nazeem, on June 28.

The primary objective behind establishing these new industrial estates is to extend the benefits of industrialization to the interior parts of the state. Traditionally, industries in Himachal Pradesh have been concentrated in certain areas, such as Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh, Kala Amb, Paonta Sahib, Sansarpur Terrace, and Tahliwal. By creating industrial areas in Hamirpur and Bilaspur, the state government aims to promote economic development and provide employment opportunities to the local population in these districts.

The chosen villages for setting up the industrial estates include Jahu Kalan, Mewa, Bhoranj, and Jahu Khurad. These locations were likely selected based on various factors such as accessibility, availability of resources, and their potential to accommodate industrial infrastructure.

The Industries Department of Himachal Pradesh is now actively searching for suitable land to create a land bank. The purpose of this land bank is to have a reserve of available plots that can be offered to potential investors in the future. By having a land bank ready, the state government can streamline the process of setting up industries and attract more investors to the region.

This move is expected to give a significant boost to industrial development in Himachal Pradesh. It will not only diversify the industrial landscape of the state but also lead to increased employment opportunities and contribute to the overall economic growth of the region. Moreover, setting up industries in Hamirpur and Bilaspur districts may help to alleviate the problem of urbanization and development disparities between different parts of the state.

As the plan unfolds and the land acquisition process progresses, it is expected that more detailed information about the infrastructure, facilities, and incentives offered to prospective investors will be made available.