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Jammu & Kashmir heartily welcomes the representatives of G20 Nations: Ravinder Raina

22-05-2023 : Jammu & Kashmir heartily welcomes the representatives of G20 Nations, stated Ravinder Raina, President, Bharatiya Janata Party, Jammu & Kashmir.

Ravinder Raina, President, J&K BJP accompanied by former Dy. CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, former Dy. CM Kavinder Gupta and former Minister Surjit Singh Salathia were addressing a press conference at BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

“We the people of Jammu & Kashmir are highly grateful to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji for giving an opportunity to the people of Jammu & Kashmir to welcome the representatives of the mighty G-20 group here. It is for the first time that such an important global event is being organized in J&K. We are also grateful to all the Nations who form a part of G-20 for visiting Jammu & Kashmir. Everybody is aware that it is an important global event and G-20 is a premier group, which develops the economic cooperation among the various countries especially among the members of this G20”, said Ravinder Raina.

“Jammu & Kashmir has suffered much in the last 40 years. Pakistan sponsored terrorism created a blood bath in Jammu & Kashmir and carried out a malicious campaign at the global level about Jammu & Kashmir. It is an opportunity  for the representatives of mighty G20 to see every fact about Jammu & Kashmir while visiting Jammu & Kashmir. We are highly grateful to the government of India and especially to Prime Minister Modi ji for giving us such a significant opportunity to welcome the representative of G-20 Nations”, said Raina.

“We are lucky that an important G20 meeting is being organized in Jammu & Kashmir and we thank the Prime Minister for providing us with this opportunity to welcome the foreign delegates in our land. Through this meeting, the world powers that are a part of this mighty group, will see the ground situation here and will directly witness the strengthening of democracy and developing peace and prosperity here”, said Raina.

“We were a victim of malicious propaganda in the whole world for the last 40 years to create false narratives and to show Jammu & Kashmir and its residents in bad light. Today, the malicious campaign against J&K by our enemies has failed. Economic growth, Tourism and cultural heritage will be boosted along with sustained development. This is the first great event of such type after independence in which international representatives are visiting for an important summit”, said Raina.

“We believe that this G-20 meet will be promoting peace, prosperity and development in Jammu & Kashmir. The false narratives will be blown up in this meeting and the original picture of peace, love, brotherhood and development will be evident before the whole world”, said Ravinder Raina.

Ravinder Raina further said that J&K is about to rewrite history with the organization of G20 meet. He said that Jammu & Kashmir also welcomes the special invitees along with the representatives of G-20 Nations. We also welcome the United Nations, International Monetary Fund’s organization, World Bank, World Health Organization, WTO, ILO, FSB, OECD and Asian Development Bank and other big economic forums in Jammu & Kashmir. We welcome every Nation, every representative, and every organization in this meet for visiting Jammu & Kashmir, added Raina.

“Rajniti Nahin, Rashtra Niti”, said Ravinder Raina while he categorically requested all the political parties to welcome and support the G-20 meet.