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J&K School Teacher Suspended for Intoxication On Duty: Video Sparks Swift Action

18-11-2023 : In a concerning incident, a primary school teacher in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir, identified as Dalair Singh, has been suspended from duty following the circulation of a video online, depicting him in an inebriated state while on duty. The video, which gained traction on social media, showed Singh exhibiting signs of intoxication while fulfilling his responsibilities at a school in Dharidhar village, Chassana.

Upon the discovery of the video, the chief education officer of Reasi took swift action by ordering Singh’s immediate suspension and initiating an inquiry into his conduct. The suspension, effective immediately, is pending the outcome of the inquiry, as stated in the official order. The directive also mandates the suspended teacher to report to the deputy commissioner’s office in Reasi for further duties during this period.

The incident highlights the gravity with which educational authorities are addressing matters of misconduct and unprofessional behavior within the teaching community. The suspension serves as a stern response to ensure accountability and uphold the integrity of the education system in the region. Authorities are committed to conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, and appropriate action will be taken based on the inquiry’s findings.