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Tanvir welcomes scores of political activists into JKNC

Says successive non-NC governments neglected Srinagar

Srinagar, 18 Nov: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Chief Spokesperson and In Charge constituency Zadibal Tanvir Sadiq on Saturday said incumbent government’s conspicuous silence over erratic power and electricity supply in Srinagar speaks louder than any antics enacted under the so called smart city project.

This he said while welcoming prominent transporter and president of All Mini Buses Association, Hazratbal Adil Chowdhary along with dozens of other members of PDP into the party fold. Passing on good wishes to the new entrants into the party fold, he hoped that the party’s local unit functionaries would benefit from their experience in social service & political activism.

Exhorting the functionaries, Tanvir said, “Successive governments after 2015 failed to give direction to Srinagar city’s development. Srinagar has traditionally suffered whenever NC was out of power. The old city of Srinagar has traditionally been neglected by non-NC parties. Since 2015, nothing substantial has been done to mitigate the problems of people living in the old city. The historical edifices of Shahar-e-Khaas are in shambles, the multilayer  health facilities in the city haven’t received any productive intervention from the government for years now. The artisans and the marginal traders of the old city have been left to fend for themselves. The people are hankering for drinking water and other civic amenities.”

“The successive government failed to provide safe spaces to the unemployed youth of the Shahar-e-Khaas to pursue their vocations. The Alleys and the main arterials are battered. Government is unfamiliar with the problems being faced by the people. The miserable condition of the people living in the Shahar-e-Khaas areas deflates the hyperbolical claims of the governor administration on developing Srinagar,” he added.

Underscoring the need of restoring Srinagar’s lost glory, he said, “Tahe city of Srinagar is the face of the valley. There is an urgent need of having a well-thought plan for the city. The plan must espouse investing heavily on affordable housing, providing green spaces, enhancing multiplayer health facilities, creating job opportunities for the youth, and doling out incentives for people involved with the handcrafts sector. It is the NC that is capable of working in this direction.”