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Congress Condemns Modi Government, Alleges Betrayal of Young India’s Dreams and Aspirations

13-11-2023 : The Congress party has launched a scathing attack on the Modi government and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), asserting that they are obstructing the ambitions and hopes of India’s young population. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge pointed to a recent incident in Telangana where a young woman scaled an electricity pole during a rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kharge emphasized that the youth of the nation is growing increasingly disillusioned with what he termed as the Modi government’s “rank betrayal.”

During the Telangana rally, Prime Minister Modi had to interrupt his speech as he noticed the young woman climbing a structure with attached lights. In his attempts to ensure her safety, Modi urged her to descend, expressing concern about the potentially hazardous condition of the electric wires. While the woman sought to convey a message to Modi, he responded in Hindi, urging her to come down and emphasizing the futility of such actions. Modi stated, “I came for you people. There is no use doing such things.”

In a post on X platform, Kharge asserted that the youth of India, desiring employment opportunities, have instead been confronted with a 45-year-high unemployment rate. He lamented that aspirations for economic empowerment have been met with a burdensome surge in prices, eroding savings to a 47-year low. Kharge criticized the Modi government for perpetuating ever-increasing economic inequality, with the richest 5 percent of Indians now possessing over 60 percent of the country’s wealth, while the middle class and impoverished segments suffer.

Highlighting the youth’s yearning for social and economic justice, Kharge argued that the Modi government has failed in this regard, citing a surge in crimes against women, children, dalits, adivasis, and backward classes. He underscored the desire for a secure environment for women and children, contrasting it with the stark reality of escalating crimes against vulnerable groups.

Moreover, Kharge contended that the youth, aspiring for unity and harmony in a diverse nation, have instead experienced an atmosphere of hate and divisiveness fostered by the Modi government and the BJP. In his accusatory tone, Kharge concluded that the dreams and aspirations of India’s youth are being systematically crushed by the ruling authorities.