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Prime Minister Modi Interacts with Cyberboy of Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar : On the evening of June 20th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a remarkable interaction with Risheek Kumar Sharma, a 17-year-old from Jammu and Kashmir, who holds the title of the world’s youngest cyber security trainer and entrepreneur. Risheek, widely known as the Cyberboy of Jammu and Kashmir, has made significant contributions to the field of cybersecurity and has garnered recognition for his expertise and innovative projects.
During their extended interaction, Risheek presented various projects, including his company “Hackers Pathshala,” which focuses on cybersecurity education through its EdTech model and training services. Notably, Risheek’s company has been recommended and appreciated by the Northern Command of the Indian Army for assisting in counter-intelligence tasks against cyber threats.
Prime Minister Modi was particularly interested in Risheek’s world-leading project, “Prarthana,” an Android application aimed at cultural restoration and promoting India’s traditions. After reviewing the app, the Prime Minister remarked on its potential to unite people across the nation and the world, fostering a sense of unity.
Throughout the conversation, PM Modi posed several intriguing questions to Risheek, who impressed him with insightful responses. The Prime Minister expressed his admiration for Risheek’s achievements and contributions to cybersecurity. Later in his speech, PM Modi mentioned the importance of cybersecurity, highlighting the discussion with Risheek and emphasizing the critical role of young innovators like him in securing the nation’s digital future.
The interaction not only showcased Risheek’s accomplishments but also underscored the government’s commitment to supporting young talents in technology and innovation. This meeting marks a significant milestone in Risheek’s journey and serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs across the country.